Kick-off Meeting

INDIGO’s Kick-off Meeting was held in Bilbao, Spain on March 3th and 4th. The event was organized by Giroa-Veolia, in their quality of INDIGO’s coordinator. It was a great opportunity to introduce each partner and their capabilities, as well as explaining their contributions to the project.

The Project Coordinator gave a short introduction of INDIGO, describing the main objectives, the methodology that will be followed during the project implementation, the main results and impacts that are expected to be accomplished, emphasizing the commitments established in the agreement. Then each Work Package Leader discussed the work to be done and the coordination for future actions.

The partners also got to know the installations of the test-site, Basurto Hospital, which was useful for understanding the management and functioning of the cooling systems implemented.

It was decided that the next project meeting will be held by R2M Solution in Pavia, Italy, in September 2016.

KoM-2-small KoM-1_small

Project Coordinator José Alonso Urquijo Giroa-Veolia
Scientific Coordinator Susana López IK4-Tekniker
WP 1 leader

(Project management)

José Alonso Urquijo Giroa-Veolia
WP 2 leader

(DC components modelling)

Jesús Febres IK4-Tekniker
WP 3 leader

(Predictive controllers for DC system components)

Elisa Olivero CSEM
WP 4 leader

(Overall management strategy)

Jon Madariaga IK4-Tekniker
WP 5 leader

(Planning tool)

Krzysztof Klobut VTT
WP 6 leader

(Validation of the performed developments)

Juan Carlos Ospina Giroa-Veolia
WP 7 leader

(Project communication and results dissemination)

Tatiana Loureiro R2M Solution
WP 8 leader

(Result exploitation)

Andrea Costa R2M Solution