Technical Meeting in Pavia

The days 28th and 29th of September, 2016 INDIGO had its Technical Meeting hosted by R2M Solution in Pavia, Italy.

INDIGO's team

INDIGO’s team

The Consortium discussed the work done so far and planned the work to do in the next months. It was a fruitful meeting with very interesting discussions and brainstorming sessions.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presence of one member of INDIGO’s External Advisory Board: Mr. Afshin Afshari, representing Masdar Institute (United Arab Emirates). Giving the vast experience Masdar Institute has on District Cooling, it is a great asset for the project to have them on board, and Mr. Afshari gave the Consortium excellent advise.

Mr. Afshin Afshari from Masdar Institute

Mr. Afshin Afshari from Masdar Institute

Another highlight was the technical visit that the Consortium made to the Policlinico di Milano, during the second day of the meeting. The hospital has a district heating and cooling system, connected to a tri-generation plant, operated by Veolia Italy. It was a good opportunity to review and compare the existing systems and planning with the ones in INDIGO’s demo sites, specially with Basurto Hospital.

It was decided that the next General Assembly meeting will be hosted by NUIG in Galway, Ireland.